Staying on Track at the OFFICE

Here’s a great article on how to avoid diet pitfalls while at work!



Healthy Grab & Go Snacks

Hey guys! This week I decided to write a quick post about how I manage to stay healthy on the go. ¬†We all know how hard it can be to keep healthy snacks on us while trying to balance work, kids, school, extracurricular activities, ETC… Here are some tips on what makes¬†life much easier for me and my crew! I keep healthy snack bins in my pantry that are packed and ready to grab and go out the door. ¬†Inside the bins you will find: bagged almonds and bagged dried fruit (YES, I bag them myself… It requires only a few minutes after walking in the door from the grocery store and it’s a much cheaper alternative to buying them individually packaged), squeezable fruit pouches (NO, these are NOT just for children… I love them. I don’t have a favorite brand. I just buy whatever’s on sale), granola bars, and yogurt covered raisins (the kids love them!!!). ¬†I also keep an area in the bottom drawer of my fridge for healthy grab and go snacks. ¬†Here you will find: string cheese, gogurt, bagged baby carrots, and bagged grapes. ¬†There are many other options to keep on hand, packed, and ready to go, but these are what I currently have. ¬†I’m constantly switching up the type of dried fruits, the flavor of squeezable fruit pouches, and the different variety of snacks on hand, BUT…the important thing is always being prepared! ¬†I pack and prepare all of our snacks for the week the moment I walk in the door from the store because I know if I don’t do it then then I won’t do it at all. ¬†It not only makes life easier when we are rushing out the door for dance, cheer, 4-H, or gymnastics, but it also makes life easier on Mom & Dad when getting everyone’s¬†lunches ready for school in the mornings. ¬†If you are anything like our family,¬†you will appreciate having some healthy snacks on hand.